Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Woodzone it is our aim and policy to provide our customers with high-quality, useful wooden items to be enjoyed for a long time. It is important to us that our customers are satisfied and pleased with their purchase. Please use our frequently asked questions below to help answer some questions you may have about our products and your orders. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us.

Orders and Returns

What payment options are available?

Products displayed on the site can be purchased using a secure online Mastercard, Visa or PayPal transaction facility. Customers can be confident that all of their details are protected by the security measures and are used only for purposes of the transaction fulfilment.
Any orders received by Woodzone through this website constitute offers and are subject to acceptance by Woodzone in its absolute discretion. Orders will not be despatched until payment is received in full.

What is the returns policy?

Once a product has been purchased and leaves our premises, we have no control over the environment it is going into, how it is being used and cared for, therefore we cannot accept responsibility for any timber movement that may occur post-purchase. In some circumstances we will accept returns if it is within one month of purchase and we are satisfied that all care and instructions have been adhered to.

What do I do if I never receive my order?

We will email you when your order is packed ready for despatch with the tracking number and consignment label.  Usually Parcels are delivered within 3-5 working days. If your parcel has not arrived within this time frame, we would like you to email us immediately so we can get a track and trace underway. If the parcel is not located we will then process a claim with the delivery service and assess the situation with a replacement or refund at the time depending on the circumstances of the disappearance.

What do I do if my order arrives damaged?

Please get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can contact the delivery service company, and decide what the next steps should be to get the situation sorted out.

How do I make changes to an order I have already placed?

It is best if you can email us as soon as you can after the order has been placed.

Do you offer a click and collect service?

Not available at the moment as we live in Rural Golden Bay, New Zealand.

Will I receive the product on the picture?

We make and sell many one-of-a-kind items which are listed on our website, these include our bowls, platters, rustic natural edge boards and boxes, in this case you will receive exactly what is pictured. Please note that this is stated on the product description.
Some of the more popular products produced in larger volume are represented by a picture that best shows the variety of colour and grain in the timber that we use. Due to wood being a natural material, no product is exactly the same.


What are the shipping options?

We are currently using NZ Post for shipping our products throughout NZ and Overseas.
We use a tracked ticketing option, which we email you when your order is fulfilled and on the way to you.
NZ Post has offered a reliable service for our products being despatched from Golden Bay. Your order is collected from our door by our friendly and efficient driver.
We advise our customers to allow 3-5 working days for delivery and a few extra days if it is going on a Rural Delivery Service.
As we are located in Rural NZ we are unable to provide overnight courier services.

Do you ship internationally?

Our website is not currently taking international orders but we are looking into adding this option to be added to our website very soon.

What are the international taxes, duties etc that I have to pay?

During the Covid 19 Pandemic we have taken our international freight service off our website, due to the lengthy delivery times we were experiencing.
We are looking to reinstate this option soon and will be able to supply further information about this when our system is back in place.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Most of the time we are able to despatch your order within a day or so of receiving it.
From time to time we do need to go away for a break, so we put a clear notice on our website, stating our intentions of when your order will be despatched.
Please note that we don't have staff to cover us when we are away, so if your order is required for urgent despatch we may not be able to send it immediately.

How are your products packaged?

We use a layer of tissue paper or greaseproof paper, depending on the product we are wrapping. You can choose the gift wrapping option; We use natural brown craft papers with a printed design.
We then package in cardboard or corrugated cardboard for the outer layer.
We try not to use any plastic in our packaging however a few items we make do require a layer of bubble wrap.
If you specifically do not want any plastic in your packaging please put a note on the order.
We are moving towards all paper ribbons and paper tapes in the future.
We regularly receive good feedback from our customers about our gift wrapping, something we love to finish our products off with.

Product Information and Care

What are the best boards for longevity and everyday use?

All of our boards are long lasting and suitable for everyday use. Macrocarpa is lighter in weight and has good antibacterial properties and has the best price. Rimu is attractive and a bit harder but is heavier and expensive. Blackwood is darker in colour a bit heavier and harder than Macrocarpa and has a medium price.

What are the advantages of an edge-joined board opposed to a one-piece board?

Several pieces of timber joined together using glue known as edge-joining is a good way to reduce the chance of a chopping board warping, cupping or splitting and maintaining better stability. Most of our chopping boards are made this way, carefully selecting the way the timber is joined to achieve the best possible matching grain and stability. We use advanced techniques and precision machinery to achieve high quality joins using water based, waterproof glue that makes the join itself stronger than the timber.

What is a Rustic Natural Edge Slab Board?

A slab board is basically a slice of wood taken from a log or a stump leaving the natural edge shapes to form the perimeter. We usually make these boards from timber that has interesting grain that occurs around knots and forks in the wood. 
Due to the nature of these boards some movement may occur. There is more of a slight chance of movement in boards that are wider and with more knots and character grain.
Generally, timber that has lots of character grain carries some stress/tension in the timber, which is usually released during the seasoning process, but can still move with moisture content changes etc.
These beautiful feature grain boards do come with some risk of twisting and cupping, however they still remain useful and will last for a very long time. These boards are mostly used for serving platters, cheese boards or for decorative display.

What is the difference between an end-grain and flat-grain chopping board?

End grain boards make the best surface for cutting on, preferred by chefs and butchers for centuries. The main reason that they are so good is because the wood fibres are standing on end, allowing the knife to sink slightly into the wood without cutting the fibres as it does on a flat grain board. This also makes it much easier on the knife edges so knives will maintain a sharp edge for much longer.
As end grain absorbs and releases moisture much faster than flat grain a little extra maintenance and awareness around looking after your board is required. When you use your board regularly it will become seasoned and well sealed, slowing down the absorption and release of moisture, so it is important to follow the care instructions provided:
As wood absorbs moisture it will swell up and shrink a little as it dries out, it is expanding and contracting which could cause a board to split. So avoid soaking the board in water. It just needs rinsing and wiping down. Over-washing will remove all the natural oils that you need to seal the board (wood is a very hygienic surface and naturally kills bacteria).
It is also important not to over dry out your board by putting it in the sunlight or leaving it unused or un-oiled in a dry environment for long periods of time e.g. air conditioned rooms, hot closed up house or car.
If you understand how the wood works and take a little care you should get many years of use and satisfaction from your board.
Due to the fact that we have no control over how the board is cared for once it leaves us, we cannot offer any replacement guarantee.

Why / how has my wooden product shrunk, swollen, warped, cupped or split?

Why: Wood is a product of nature, therefore can react to changes in the environment, changes such as weather, atmosphere moisture contents and temperature.
We do our best to ensure that all the timber we use has been carefully air dried and well seasoned for several years before it is made into products. However due to some of the above mentioned reasons timber can still move i.e. shrink, swell, warp, cup or split.

How: These problems are caused by the wood shrinking. Swelling & shrinking is what happens to wood when it absorbs and releases moisture.
Before the wood we use gets made into anything we thoroughly dry and season the timber so that the moisture content is equal to that of the current environmental climate.
If the wood gets soaked in water a-lot or left in a damp environment it will slowly absorb moisture and swell. If it is then left in an extremely dry environment for example left in the direct sun or left near an air conditioning unit it will release moisture. If this happens too quickly it may cause the wood to split or the joins to open up. Awareness of this issue and a little care will eliminate this from happening. Regular oiling of your wood will help as this seals the wood and slows down the absorption and release of moisture.

We do our best to educate our customers about these issues and supply care information wth every product. We cannot be held responsible for these issues as we have no control over how the wood is treated once it leaves our premises.

Can I put my wood-ware and chopping boards in the dishwasher?

NO! Harsh cleaning in hot water will wash out all of the natural oils in the wood that keep it hygienic and help to seal the wood to keep the moisture content consistent. Therefore putting your wooden products in the dishwasher will not be good for it.

How do I clean my wood-ware and chopping boards?

Clean your board/wood-ware in warm soapy water then dry with a tea towel. Leave your board standing upright to allow for all-round air drying. Try to avoid storing the board lying flat, particularly on a wet surface. 
• Do not leave your board soaking in water for long periods of time. 
• Try and use the board on both sides to prevent warping. 
• Avoid leaving the board in the sun. 
• Do not put the board in the dishwasher. 

Do I need to oil my wooden products?

Chopping Boards: 
Oiling a chopping board is essential. Detergents and soaps used for cleaning tend to wash out the oils which help to seal the wood and prevent the wood from absorbing too much moisture which can cause splitting, warping and mould. 
We recommend oiling the board weekly to monthly depending on the frequency of use and washing. 
After washing, once the board has dried properly, apply oil generously using a paper towel or small cloth. Leave for approximately half an hour for the oil to absorb into the wood, then with a clean paper towel or cloth, buff off any excess oil. Too much excess oil left on the board may dry and become sticky. 
Click here to purchase our recommended food-safe oils.
We recommend Pure Natural Tung Oil for chopping boards and other items that are used for food preparation. This oil is eco-friendly, natural, pure and food-safe. It has very good drying properties and will protect your wood.

Furniture Care
Maxwax is for furniture and ornamental items. We have been selling this product for 25 + years.
It is the only furniture polish we sell because it is the best we have used.
You can use the pure tung oil for furniture as well, however it is important that you use this very sparingly and ensure you buff all excess oil off thoroughly, so you don't form sticky hard patches on your furniture.

Please note: Always read the label on the oils and take extra care with the disposal of used oily rags as they can spontaneous combust (catch on fire).  We recommend rinsing your used rags in water and laying flat to dry before disposing of them.

Timber Information

What timbers do you use? Where does it come from?

We specialise in making wood-ware from high-quality timbers that are sustainably sourced locally and throughout New Zealand some of which we mill ourselves using our wood-miser bandsaw mill. All of our timber is air dried and carefully seasoned in dry storage to achieve the best possible stability for our products.  
Click here for a list and information of the most popular timbers we use.
All of our macrocarpa logs are sourced locally either from wind-fall trees or plantation grown. The same can be said for the Acacia Blackwood. Most of the Rimu we buy pre-milled from MPI certified millers on the west coast of the South Island. This is all sustainably sourced.
Ancient Swamp Kauri logs and stumps we have collected over the years, most has been dug up to make way for property development in the peat swamps of Takanini in South Auckland.

Please note: We do not sell timber as a raw material. We manufacture the timber we obtain into quality wood-ware, gifts and crafts.

Do you sell timber as a raw material?

We do not sell timber as a raw material. We manufacture the timber we obtain into quality wood-ware, gifts and crafts.

Do you mill timber?

Yes we mill timber but for our own use and not for sale.

Do you treat your wood with any preservatives/chemicals?

Our boards are all natural - we don't use any chemicals or preservatives. The timber is not treated, and we finish the board with 100% Pure Tung Oil which is non-toxic, natural and safe

Product Personalisation and Volume Orders

Do you personalise your products with engraving?

As our manufacturing has been delayed due to building our new workshop we need to concentrate on making products we have sold out of so we are not able to personalise products at this stage. 
We are working on some templates to enable personalisation via our website in the future.

Do you make things in volume orders?

Yes, we can make chopping boards and some of our giftware in volume for corporate gifting and company promotion. Please contact us for more info

Do you wholesale your products?

No sorry we are no longer wholesalers of our products.
You may know our brand The Great New Zealand Wood-ware Range which we wholesaled to gift and souvenir shops around new Zealand for 25 years… Unfortunately the time came for us to move away from large production when we moved to Golden Bay.

Do you make corporate gifts?

Yes, we mainly specialise in branded chopping boards for corporate gifts.
Please contact us for more information.

Do you make to order?

Sorry we no longer make one-off products to order.
Our business focus is to sell giftware from our website and supply chopping boards and some giftware for corporate or client gifting in volume.

What wood can you engrave on?

We can engrave on all timbers, however we recommend Heart Rimu, and Macrocarpa for the best results.

General FAQs

Where are you located? Can I visit you?

We are located in Rural Golden Bay, Top of the South Island, New Zealand.
We no longer have a shop or showroom for visitors, all of our products are now sold through our website only.

How do I contact you if my question is not answered here?

We check our emails regularly; please email us at

Can I follow you on social media? Do you have a newsletter?

Yes you can! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. You can also sign up to our newsletter to get the latest information on what we are up to and new products. Scroll down to our website footer to sign up.