A passion for wood

Wood never dies it’s a living organism.

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For me, woodwork is part of a story in the life of a tree and beyond…

It was only after many years of working with wood that I really began to understand it and how it behaves and reacts to its environment. Anyone can use a saw or a plane but understanding the wood is where the real skill lies. Like most living things no two trees are the same, there a so many different species and differences that come down to minor things like which side of the hill it grew on or what the weather was like while it was growing.

It is this unique individuality that makes working with wood challenging and interesting.

My passion extends far beyond the wood itself, I love everything about trees, being in the bush is my favourite place, I get great satisfaction from planting trees and seeing them grow. It's hard to beat the feeling of harvesting, milling, seasoning and working the wood into a useful product from a tree that you have planted yourself. I feel privileged to be able to work with wood enjoying its aroma, touch, and beauty, feeling good about contributing to the health of the environment using a sustainable material, knowing that it will eventually rot into the ground and turn back into the soil that allowed it to germinate and grow in the first place.

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