Timber we use

We specialise in making wood-ware from high quality timbers that are sustainably sourced locally and throughout New Zealand some of which we mill ourselves. All of our timber is air-dried and carefully seasoned in dry storage to achieve the best possible stability for our products.

Rimu - Sought after and attractive

A popular NZ native with striking reddish brown grain medium density, hardness, and weight. Sustainably sourced from wind thrown trees recovered logs and recycled timber.

We only use NZ 'Heart' Rimu, it generally has a dark streaky grain and is harder, more durable and attractive than the timber from other parts of the tree. Most of the Rimu we use has come from the west coast of the South Island and has been recovered by helicopter from wind thrown trees as a result of weather events such as cyclone Ita in 2014. This continues to be our most popular timber with its attractive grain and rich appearance.

Shop products made from Rimu

Ancient Kauri - NZ's buried treasure

Up to 40,000 year old logs and stumps that have been buried and preserved in peat swamps from forests that were destroyed by natural disasters. The logs and stumps that we use have been unearthed during development of land for housing in South Auckland. The age of the Ancient Kauri we use, is based on carbon dating that was done on some logs that were recovered from the same swamp. Please note that ages may vary by a few thousand years. The wood is medium density, hardness and has good stability. Ancient Kauri is famously known for its magnificent golden grain figuration and is considered the 'gold' of the wood world.

Shop products made from Ancient Kauri

The Mighty Macrocarpa

A great choice for use in the kitchen, this timber has a good natural ability to kill bad bacteria cleansing itself, assisting with hygiene around food it has a nice scent, blonde golden colour and good stability medium density and hardness, light weight and attractive grain. We source logs from old mature trees for the best quality wood, cut specifically for the products we make.

Shop products made from Macrocarpa

Blackwood (acacia melanoxylon)

Originally from Tasmania, now grown widely across NZ set to become a replacement for the diminishing availability of NZ Rimu. A good sustainable choice with attractive grain medium density hardness and weight. As the name suggests this timber has a dark brown heartwood strongly contrasting to a nearly white sapwood.

Shop products made from Blackwood