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Maxwax Polish

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Maxwax is a blend of carefully chosen waxes in a liquid form

A furniture wax that cleans, protects and shines. Safe to use on wood, leather, granite, plastics and metals.

Blended food-grade waxes are taken up in a mild, deodorised organic carrier. The formulation is specifically designed to penetrate porous surfaces such as wood, whilst leaving a thin wax film on the surface. This not only nourishes the wood, like oil but also leaves the wax lustre on the surface which can be buffed up to a healthy sheen. Being a very hard formulation Maxwax will not collect dust or leave finger marks as other softer, more sticky waxes can do.

One of our most popular products - we can highly recommend this for keeping your wooden items and other household items looking great for years to come!