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Saucer Sets, Ancient Kauri

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The distinctive glow of the woodgrain will leave you mesmerised

Hand-turned saucer sets made from NZ's buried treasure, 40,000 year old Ancient Kauri - unearthed from peat swamps in South Auckland housing developments, buried and preserved for thousands of years, from forests that were destroyed by natural disasters. 

Available as a set of 2, 4 or 6. Great for sending or taking overseas as a gift or souvenir.

Uses include: small plate, coaster, spoon rest, soap dish and more.


120 mm long x 120 mm wide x 15 mm thick

Weight 60 g approx.

Due to this product being handmade from natural materials sizes and weights may vary slightly.

Toothpick holder used for size reference. Not included with sale.

Made from sustainably sourced timber

NZ Ancient Kauri For more information click here.

Please note this product is made from natural solid timber. Grain character and colour may vary slightly from pictured product.

100% Natural Food-Safe Finish

Finished with 100% natural food-safe oil

Care Instructions

Wipe your tableware with warm soapy water, then dry.

Please click here to view care information.

Quality Assured

Made to last with a rigid construction and practicality in mind. Quality assured with over 40 years experience in manufacturing.

"Thank you so much for your lovely email, the package arrived yesterday perfect timing for opening today, thank you so much for the gift wrapping and the little card it was perfect. He absolutely loves it, it is all beautifully made and just how I pictured it from the website."