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Round Tuit

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These tuits are hard to come by, so guard them well...

This is an indispensable item. It will help you become a much more efficient worker. For years now we have heard people say 'I'll do this when I get a round tuit'. Now that you have A Round Tuit of your very own, many things that have needed to be accomplished will be done.

A quirky and unique gift that can be enjoyed as a decorative piece or as a cheese board, coaster or pot stand. Available engraved with or without the explanation above.


180 mm long x 180 mm wide x 15 mm thick

Weight 265 g approx.

Due to this product being handmade from natural materials sizes and weights may vary slightly.

Toothpick holder used for size reference. Not included with sale.

Made from sustainably sourced timber

Made from sustainably sourced NZ Ancient Kauri For more information click here.

Please note this product is made from natural solid timber. Grain character and colour may vary slightly from pictured product.

100% Natural Food-Safe Finish

Finished to a high standard, with natural and food safe 100% Pure Tung Oil

Care Instructions

We supply care information with every chopping board we sell.

Please click here to view care information.

Quality Assured

All our boards are made to last with a rigid construction and practicality in mind. Quality assured with over 40 years experience in manufacturing.

“The whole process, purchase, presentation, gift packing etc is wonderful.”