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Chopping Board, Large

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A family-sized chopping board

If you're looking for something a bit bigger and thicker for your everyday kitchen cutting and chopping, this is your board. The larger size makes this board great for carving and serving larger cuts of meat or prepping large family meals.

This board is made to last, with rigid construction and practicality in mind, it can handle some serious cutting! A popular board for the BBQ connoisseurs. If you're looking for something to capture the juices check out our Large Juice Groove Board here.

Wooden boards are the ideal addition to your kitchen because they have strong antibacterial properties, are easy to care for and will look after your knives, ensuring they stay sharper for longer.


450 mm long x 300 mm wide x 30 mm thick

Weight 2.8 kg approx.

Due to this product being handmade from natural materials sizes and weights may vary slightly.

Toothpick holder used for size reference. Not included with sale.

Made from sustainably sourced timber

Made from sustainably sourced NZ Heart Rimu, NZ Macrocarpa or NZ Blackwood For more information click here.

Please note this product is made from natural solid timber. Grain character and colour may vary slightly from pictured product.

100% Natural Food-Safe Finish

Finished to a high standard, with natural and food safe 100% Pure Tung Oil

Care Instructions

We supply care information with every chopping board we sell.

Please click here to view care information.

Quality Assured

All our boards are made to last with a rigid construction and practicality in mind. Quality assured with over 40 years experience in manufacturing.

“The board is a work of art! I'm very happy with the purchase as it's exactly what I am after and so well made!”