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B-GRADE | Spurtle

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What is different about chopping boards in our outlet?

Outlet boards have slight imperfections in the timber such as small knots and small filled holes and marks, other than these minor characteristics, the boards have the same level of quality as our full-priced boards and these imperfections do not affect the functionality of the board. Please see the images provided for examples of the minor imperfections found on these boards.

Please note: We do not accept returns on any of our outlet boards.

A traditional utensil to create the smoothest mixtures

Why use a Spurtle? Traditionally a Scottish utensil that has evolved especially for porridge. A cylindrical shape feels great to use and reduces the dragging effect that a spoon creates, preventing lumps from forming. It also has a smaller surface area for the porridge to stick to. It nicely slides around the sides of the saucepan when removing the porridge from the pot.
This spurtle is also great for any sticky mixtures such as pancake and cake batter.
Also, perfect for using on your non-stick pots and pans.


    300 mm long x 20 mm wide x 20 mm thick

    Weight 40 g

    Due to this product being handmade from natural materials sizes may vary slightly.

    Made from sustainably sourced timber

    Made from NZ Kauri or Matai For more information click here.

    Please note this product is made from solid timber. Grain character may vary from pictured product.

    100% Natural Food-Safe Finish

    Finished to a high standard, with 100% natural and food safe Tung oil

    Care Instructions

    Clean your utensil in warm soapy water, then dry.

    Please click here to view care information.

    Quality Assured

    Quality assured with over 40 years experience in manufacturing.