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Did you know that your 5th wedding anniversary gift is 'wood'?

Find the perfect gift to celebrate 5 years of marriage below!

Rustic Natural Edge Boards

One-of-a-kind Rustic Natural Edge Board and knife sets are incredibly rare and unique, made from 40,000 year old Ancient Kauri or Macrocarpa. A truely special gift for love.

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Wooden Boxes

Our range of boxes varies in size from tiny ring-size boxes to larger treasure boxes to fit keepsakes of all sizes. Made to last, these boxes are a unique gift for loved ones, near or far.

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Gift Sets

We have created a collection of board sets that are perfect gifts for any occasion. We have paired our popular sizes together to make practical sets for everyday use in the kitchen, as well as cheese board and knife sets of all shapes and sizes, some lightweight and practical to send overseas.